Animals Rule The World

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This Photoshop design is a combination of Celebrity Alicia Silverstone and a Lion.

I am wondering what will happen to us if animals rule the world. Can you imagine a lion to be elected as President, tiger as Senators, dogs as Congressman, elephant as our Legislators, monkey keeps the budget, cats and birds are implementing the law – who you gonna think are their prey? It sounds scary but I think these are what happening in our community and to the world right now.

People just like lions have their own territory, lions do not allow another animals to hunt in their territory. They always live in group called prides that consists of 10 to 20 lions. And people also choose their own group for them to live.

Comparing animals to people is not the issue to be discuss but how people act as human. People seems to be the endangered animal soon.

If you want a tutorial of this image, you can send your request here.

Graphics Design By Nilo -Filipino Graphic Artist And Designer

Obese Pusang Maganda

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This post is a special request by pusang maganda. She told me that she want to see the obese side of her. I think she get this idea when she saw my post Sexy Amor By Request. Well here it is, hope in real life you will never be like those obese women or like those obese people who don’t take their health, weight and diet seriously. “Tinakot ba kita” 😀  

What is Obesity? Obesity is a body condition that the body mass index or excess fat of the body has been accumulate that affect health, it also assessed in terms of its distribution via the waist circumference. Physical exercise, diet, healthy food may cure obese people.

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