filipino graphic designerHi! I’m Nilo Evangelista, a Filipino graphic artist, designer and a full time senior graphic art director in a respective company in the Philippines. The journey begins when I was 3 years old and started to draw the basic, which means stick like people, sun with smiling face, a nipa house with a coconut tree beside and a mountain behind with clouds while birds are flying. This simple idea stop because something big happen. I was 5 years old and it is time to explore the world where children will learned and be guided. And then a blessing came, a group of Filipino-Catholic N.G.O. (None Government Organization) who are seeking for qualified student knock into our door. Their mission is to help children and support their studies financially. And the vision is to make them excel in their chosen field. This includes academics, sports, literature, music, arts, and stage play. Thank God they came in to my life, inspite of the educational support they also help me to enroll in a art organization to enhance my skills in drawing and painting.

They gave me my first step to where I’m now…..I study hard and promised to myself that I will be good soon. I learned all the ideas, techniques and even adopt some skills with my fellow artist. I can’t believe that I can call myself an artist at the age of 5. But it is true, I experienced to teach new member’s while learning and in my personal point of view it is a simple way of giving back all ideas they have taught. We also joined different contests local and international. It is so much fun to interact to others and sharing both knowledge and ideas into a common goal. They been with me until I finished secondary level. It is the saddest moment in my life where it is time to cross the road and take another ride. I decided to take up Fine Arts major in Advertising at University of the East. I met lot of good friends, friendly professors and lots of experience. I can say that….The journey into our life begins everyday no matter how hard it goes there still a new day to come. I owe my achievements to all who help me build my dreams specially to my parents that are always there to support me.

And now as a professional graphic artist it is time to give back the blessings that I received. For those people who have the talent specially the newbies I hope this will help you a lot. Graphics Design By Nilo…a photoshop tutorials, a graphic design for all Filipino graphic artist and people all over the world.


1st Place – Bureau Of Fisheries And Aquatic Resources – On The Spot Painting Competition
3rd Place – 19th World Art Competition In Republic Of China – Painting Competition
5th Place – Philippine Long Distance Telecommunication – Visual Art Competition
3 Time Finalist AT Shell Art Annual Painting Competition

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