Captain Squirrel – Step By Step Tutorials

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Military Squirrel Tutorial

Step By Step Photoshop Tutorials Of Captain Squirrel

First, choose the right image to fit into the squirrel. This includes the right source of light, same pixel quality and angles. Then let’s rock and roll!
Step 1:
Crop the helmet smoothly and fit to the head of the squirrel.
Crop the uniform source, if you notice some part is cut you must complete the missing parts by using air brush tool and clone tool.
Step 3:
Crop the upper part of the uniform source. In order to achieve the right size and make it fit to squirrel body you must use liquify in the filter menu.
Step 4:
Crop the left shoulder, rotate it clockwise until it match the right position to the squirrel. Use again the liquify option to achieve the exact size.
Step 5:
Adding the rifle, simple crop the rifle and place it right near the strap.
step 6:
Adding the shadows, highlights and the medal is the best part. This will give life to the image. This make you feel that it is dress up like that. Use the air brush tool with 1 to 2 percent flow.
Step 7:
Combining all the crop part of the uniform.
step 8:
Combining all the crop part of the uniform, shadows and highlights.

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