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Do you have a talent in film making? Or create a movie for a specific theme. You creativity is your talent. Even in graphic design idea and creativity are the key in making great artworks.

There are 5 stages to consider in film productions. First step is Development; at this stage all drafted script are written and blueprinted for film production. Second step is Pre-production; at this stage all must be prepared and in order like the cast, crew, locations, sets and props are ready. Third step is Production; at this stage films are already recorded. Fourth step is Post-Production, at this stage the recorded film will be edited, dubbed, music, sound effects, visual graphic effects editing. All of this are stems to complete the film. The Fifth stage is Sales and distribution, at this stage the film are ready for screening and distribution.

Here are examples of short film entitled “SnoCones” that Andy Anderso created for “The Infolinks Challenge” that won First Prize receiving $1,000.

Watch Infolinks Video: A smarter way to make money online: Entry Entitled SnoCones for Infolinks Challenge Contest

SnoCones The Infolinks Challenge Video



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