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Amor websiteThis post is a special edition of my photoshop design. This is for a particular person who I knew in just a small period of time but I know for sure that she is a good and intelligent person. What an introduction ha! Thank you Amor for choosing me as a kick ass blogger.

Amor said,” and she quoted “Nilo – I am so impressed with his ‘creations’. Being a ‘doctor’ in Photoshop, he can make Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan look anorexic. I asked him before if he can make me look anorexic din, hahaha… sad to say, I can’t show him half body pic, most of the time kasi hanggang shoulder lang pics ko, ang dami ko kasing itinatago eh, haha!”

I got this image in your friendster account, I have no choice because it is the best that I can pick, haha… just joking 😉 It is my personal choice I guess. Hope you like it.

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