Photoshop: Cat Versus Man – How It Was Done?

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Graphics Design By Nilo is presenting to you this photoshop tutorial to teach you how “Payback Cat Versus Man” was created. This is a connection to my post “Cruelty To Animals” and you can find the image and some of my works in the galleries section. In this step by step guide it is required that you should have a small knowledge in photoshop tools, filter and terms in order for you to follow. But if you are interested and you like a detailed step by step guide of this photoshop tutorials, please feel free to contact me and I will be your guide.

How it was done? Photoshop Tutorials Here Read the rest of this entry »

Cruelty To Animals

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This photoshop design is a animal edition of Graphic Design By Nilo who illustrate what people feel when animals returned all their sufferings.

Cruelty to animals, Animal welfare, Photoshop design


At present, animals are used for human purposes like in processing food, clothes, circus, movies and entertainment, and even for laboratory research. There are many reasons why people displayed uncharacteristic behavior to animals. It can be for their self fulfillment, personal intentions, or maybe ignorance. Many countries had restriction to use animals for circus and entertainment for the reason that animals will now never be consider as property and never be use for food and clothing. Read the rest of this entry »

What Aliens Might Look Like

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Graphics Design By Nilo, Alien Pilot, UFO
This image is presented to you by Graphics Design By Nilo

What Is UFO
An unidentified flying object or UFO is any object in the air or upper atmosphere that cannot be identified. Some definitions, such as that which is used by the USAF, define a UFO as an object unable to be identified after scrutiny, while other definitions define an object as being a UFO from the time it is first reported as being unidentified, even though most subsequently become IFOs, Identified Flying Objects. Reports of unusual aerial phenomena date back to ancient times, but modern reports and the first official investigations began during World War II with sightings of so-called foo fighters by Allied airplane crews, and in 1946 with widespread sightings of European “ghost rockets”. UFO reports became even more common after the first widely publicized United States UFO sighting, by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in mid 1947. Hundreds of thousands of UFO reports have since been made worldwide. Read the rest of this entry »

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